I am coming to the end of this terms courses with my last class on Friday morning. It’s been a great term, with many students making new friends whilst creating artwork they are proud as they have discovered new ways to use art materials or think through an artistic project.

This term might be ending, but I still have arts activities carrying on over the summer.

Why not treat yourself to a day sketching or painting outdoors with expert tuition. August is the ideal time of year to try your hand at working outdoors. With six locations to choose from, with art days happening on various days of the week, it should be easy to find a time that fits into your schedule.

Full Details of all days available in the ‘Art Days’ section

Time to plan what you are going to learn in September

If you want to plan ahead so you don’t miss out on the getting onto a course in September then take a look in the courses section of the site.

Here is just one example of the inspirational courses on offer:

Watercolour Painting Rocks & Stones for beginners


This is the last week of this terms long courses. The students have made real progress and created some wonderful work!

If you are looking for a new art course starting in September then take a look in the courses section of the site.

Here is just one example of the inspirational courses on offer:

Bolder, Stronger Acrylics

To build an artists confidence with handling paint they will often push themselves to paint with larger brushes than they would normally feel comfortable using. As they explore using bolder, larger brush strokes the stylistic feel of their art changes and they begin to see how to simplify and unify sections of a image with daring large brush strokes. This course guides students through this process to help them to paint with more daring and greater confidence.

Why not tune your cross hatching drawing skills?

I am running a four week drawing course starting on the 30th of April in Jesmond on a Tuesday afternoon. This course aims to help both beginners and those with a little experience of drawing push their drawing skills forward through a deeper understanding of the techniques, value and uses of cross hatching. So why not work on your drawing for a few weeks. It can only increase your skills and dexterity as an artist.

Learn more on the courses pages of this site

Van Gogh course

Two new courses are on offer where Jason shows you how to paint in the style of Monet and Sargent. Here are some examples of students work created on the Van Gogh course I ran before Christmas. Perhaps these will inspire you to pick up a brush and try your hand at painting in the style of Monet or Sargent with Jasons help and guidance.

If you would like to sign up to either of the artsts courses then follow this link

Sketching holiday in Sicily

We are in the process of organising a sketching holiday to Sicily – Ragusa + Modica, in 2019.

One of the UNESCO listed Baroque towns of south – eastern Sicily, Ragusa is also the principal filming location for the Sicilian detective drama ”Inspector Montalbano’, a TV series that has done wonders for publicising the beauty of this area.

If you would like to learn more about the holiday then contact Antonella Rea on

New course for January

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Colour – how to mix the colours you want time after time

….a course in the art of colour mixing and colour use.

Subject – The course is designed to help you improve your colour mixing. It will also provide you with a grounding in colour theory to help you make informed choices when you plan and paint your pictures.

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