New videos on Studio this week

Autumn 2

Jason talks about the development of this painting using stage by stage photographs – find this video in the My Work section of the Talking Art Studio

The perspective arc

This simple trick – found in the drawing composition section, will help anyone composing landscapes make them more dynamic and easier on the eye.

Jasons live teaching on studio – you choose the subjects he covers

Beverly chose the first subject – blotting paper use. You could choose a subject Jason can teach in subsequent sessions. Go to the Jason live section of studio and put your idea to Jason in the ‘STUDIO CHAT’ window there, where you can also watch the first live streamed session from last Friday

Studio News

New – Live demonstrations on Studio started this Friday !

Members of studio can now request a specific subject that Jason demonstrates live. This weeks session looked at how to use blotting paper. This was asked for by Beverley who lives across the Pond

This weeks new videos on Studio


See how this cartoon drawing develops into a finished watercolour in this video found in Talking Art – My Work

Driving V

Jason explains how to add more depth into compositions that drive towards the right.

You will find this video in the section Drawing – Composition

Teaching outdoors

It was great to be outdoors teaching again today at Cambois. Some new outdoor painting days and courses will be posted up soon so look out for the email notifications.

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2 new videos that will blow your mind!

Jason’s A4 composition template is a game changing design tool. Simple to use and incredibly effective at helping you create competent well crafted picture compositions.  In the two videos loaded this week to Studio he shows you how he created the template and then goes on show you the many new compositional drawings he has made using it. His enthusiasm for this method of constructing pictures is infectious and will quickly make you see the amazing potencial of this tool!

If you are a member of Studio you get to download the templete for free and can begin making professional looking compositions today.  

This painting was designed using the A4 composition template

The new videos can be found in the composition section of drawing. They are called A4 template and A4 examples.

New content is added every week to Studio


New videos on Studio

This week we have added two new John Singer Sargent painting videos which show you how to paint a finished watercolour similar to the image below.

Content is added weekly

Jason will be performing live for SAA on their website on the 28th of this Month [ tomorrow] streaming a demonstration from his studio to their headquarters at 11:00 GTM. This can only be seen by SAA members.