Want to know how to paint like Turner?

‘Turners watercolour wonders – his tricks and techniques with watercolour’ starts January the 8th at Newcastle Arts Centre. A few places are still available [16:12:12]

Turner was an innovator. His approach to handling watercolour was radically different from many of his contemporaries. Far from being a watercolour purist, he often used unconventional materials and constantly re-invented his approach to watercolour painting. For those who love this artist work and have some experience with watercolour, this course will offer an practical eye opening glimpse into the great masters working methods.

Are looking to improve your drawing skills then why not sign up for ‘Pen Drawing for beginners’

This image was created by one of my students using only pen drawing in Rome

The course lasts 4 weeks in Jesmond at St Georges church on a Tuesday afternoon between 1:45 to 3:45. Starts on the 3rd of September. Don’t miss you chance to learn how to create a sophisticated drawing using only line to show tone and form. Learn some of the techniques used by the old master as well as modern sketchy approaches used by artists today.

Old style pen work
Modern style with a few dabs of watercolour added to the limited pen work