Jasons Palette

The best watercolour studio palette in the world ?

I designed this palette because of my years of frustration when using the many designs on the market.

I think i’ve succeeded in making a product that meets the real needs of watercolour painters..

Judge for yourself how it compares to other designs in videos 4-6 on this page; FREE VIDEOS

Mix paint in the lid and the base

Place the base in the lid to save space

Angle the base in the lid so you can use gravity to help you mix washes quickly







Room to place two generous dollops of colour in each well









Space to manipulate paint away from the reservoir of diluted colour

Use the lid as a space for wet brushes




Strong and durable

£15.95 incl. UK delivery

€20 incl. delivery outside UK but within EU ( please note product not sold outside EU )

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