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There are only a few spaces lift on Jason’s art course starting next week at Newcastle arts centre:

Shapes in the sand – how to make your beach paintings look more professional

Watercolour by Jason Skill – private collection

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New video section started this week in Studio

‘Making art’ follows Jason creating artwork, reflecting on progress as he wrestles with the challenges of making watercolours that are meaningful as well as new and fresh.

Classes are starting in September!

Two five week courses are beginning at the start of September in Newcastle Arts Centre. Student numbers are limited – so book your place today to avoid disappointment.

There are 8 places available on both of the following courses:

Composition – some key secrets

The composition course is now fully booked

This five week course is designed to provide you with new insights into how artists designed their paintings in the past and how this knowledge can greatly improve your compositional skills

Shapes in the sand – how to make your beach paintings look more professional

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This course explores the methods Jason has developed to render sometimes complex patterns in the sand with a limited number of marks. You will also examine the direction of movement and perspective structure that underpins the picture. In other words – he will expain how and why the marks and methods he uses work within beach scene painting.

Did you miss your chance to paint at Cambois?

Jason has added a second date at Cambois on the 1st of September. full details can be viewed here

At the first session Jason concentrated on painting shapes in the sand to capture the look of the sand pools. This session will look at tuning your skills at painting the sky directly from nature and drawing and painting figures and dogs.

What are studio members seeing this week?

New content is loaded every week to the library of videos on studio

This weeks new videos are:

Sargent – Italian Urn version 3

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This is the final part of the Italian urn series. In this painting Jason uses methods very similar to Sargent, combining watercolour and gouache to grade the paint from opaque to transparent when he feels the image will benefit from this approach.

This video can be found in the old masters section in the Sargent area

Lakeland Landscape 2

Jason talks about painting in a Sargent style when working outdoors

This video can be found in the talking art section – my art

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New sky painting videos

Five more teaching videos have been loaded to the Sky section of STUDIO. These lessons begin to explore designing your sky to fit your composition and the use of twisting dry brush marks to make expressive cloud shapes.

The courses on STUDIO are regularly updated to expand you understanding of the subject and challenge you to learn new ways of creating art.

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New art course!

Tired of looking for something interesting to do while you are stuck at home? Done the garden, the housework and now want something more mentally stimulating to pass the time? Then take a look at STUDIO – Jason’s video based educational website. It has so much to offer:

Courses in painting

Courses in drawing

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Need more social contact – You can explore the chat rooms to discuss your progress with other students and post your work. Jason also provides written feedback on your posts.

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In his new course Jason explores composition, unravelling it’s mysteries, showing models of construction used by professional artists. This course could be undertaken by someone new to art or an advanced painter looking for ways to professionalise the look of their art.

Studio is regularly updated with new videos, building a growing library of educational material for you to explore.

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Two drawings created using the golden section template explained on the course

Course full – Beginners – key skills for painting trees with watercolour

Courses still available:

Wednesday afternoon – Acrylic – when, where and how to use metallic paints in your painting to enhance your art

Tuesday afternoon – Beginners – Light touch Watercolour

Full details of these courses can be found in the courses section of

Wednesda Wednesday afternoon – Acrylic – wh Wednesday afternoon – Acrylic – when, where and how to use metallic paints in your painting to enhance your art en, where and how to use metallic paints in your painting to enhance your art

Want to know how to paint like Turner?

‘Turners watercolour wonders – his tricks and techniques with watercolour’ starts January the 8th at Newcastle Arts Centre. A few places are still available [16:12:12]

Turner was an innovator. His approach to handling watercolour was radically different from many of his contemporaries. Far from being a watercolour purist, he often used unconventional materials and constantly re-invented his approach to watercolour painting. For those who love this artist work and have some experience with watercolour, this course will offer an practical eye opening glimpse into the great masters working methods.