New Studio videos and Facebook live

This week we have added the 20th Tree Lesson in Studio which looks at the use of a cut stencil. I am loving the process of building a truly comprehensive library of videos. With new videos added every week to Studio it won’t take long before other sections of Studio are reaching these kinds on numbers.

I also share my personal journey this week, talking about creating this watercolour in a video in the talking art section.

You can now watch both parts of my recent facebook live broadcast, in which I painted a watercolour from the photograph, seen below, on my professional facebook page:

Jason Skill – Painting with Skill

Follow the link below to find them:

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New sky painting videos

Five more teaching videos have been loaded to the Sky section of STUDIO. These lessons begin to explore designing your sky to fit your composition and the use of twisting dry brush marks to make expressive cloud shapes.

The courses on STUDIO are regularly updated to expand you understanding of the subject and challenge you to learn new ways of creating art.

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New art course!

Tired of looking for something interesting to do while you are stuck at home? Done the garden, the housework and now want something more mentally stimulating to pass the time? Then take a look at STUDIO – Jason’s video based educational website. It has so much to offer:

Courses in painting

Courses in drawing

Educational packs that go alongside lessons so that you have images and information to work from at your own pace.

Need more social contact – You can explore the chat rooms to discuss your progress with other students and post your work. Jason also provides written feedback on your posts.

All this for the price of a cup of coffee a week!!!

In his new course Jason explores composition, unravelling it’s mysteries, showing models of construction used by professional artists. This course could be undertaken by someone new to art or an advanced painter looking for ways to professionalise the look of their art.

Studio is regularly updated with new videos, building a growing library of educational material for you to explore.

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Two drawings created using the golden section template explained on the course


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