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Jason Skill Watercolour Palette 
how it works: 

Who uses the palette ?


£ 14.95 (GBP)   -   NOT FOR SALE OUTSIDE E.U.




Mail order

If you would like to purchase a palette please a send a cheque for 14.95,

made out to Painting With Skill Limited, to the following address:Jason Skill, Sikehead, 

Woodside Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear, NE40 3ND


Squeeze out paint at the top of the palette working it through on the flat area.


This area will be more than adequate for most small scale work.

It is also ideal for working wet in wet when only a moderate amount of moisture needs to be added to the pigment.

Washes can be created with the palette laid flat



Carefully slanting the palette in the upturned lid helps speed up the creation of washes.

Each well can hold enough paint fluid to cover an entire imperial sheet.
Painters with a little experience will soon find that they can premix large washes and slightly more sticky paint in the same well. 

This is a unique feature, enabling the painter to place a wash on the paper and then add paint mixed to a greater density from the flat section of the well to deepen the colour where needed.


Use the lid as an extra mixing space. Ideal for using large brushes like the hake. 

Painters who presently use the palette have also found the flat lid useful when painting with sponges or stamps.

No need to wash off sqeezed out paint before you transport the palette.

If excess fluid is removed from the lid then studs in the lid will in most instances stop any lumps of paint from touching the base..


If you are working with a restricted workspace, you can sit the base into the upturned lid. 

Any paint left on the lid should in most instances not touch the bottom of the base.


Washes of colour should always be removed before moving the palette to avoid risk of spillage.

Always refer to individual paint manufacturers' instructions for advice and guidance as to the safe use of and disposal of paint.

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