Acrylic painting for beginners


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If you have not painted before then acrylics offer a great place to start. Making corrections is easy. You just paint over the area you don’t like and start again.

Acrylics are diluted with water, dry relatively quickly to a hard, non dIssolvable finish and do not smell strongly. They can look as bold as oils or as delicate as watercolours. You can paint them onto paper or canvas or use in combination with collage. Their versatility and ease of use are their chief selling points, which goes some way to explain why they are one of the most popular forms of paint today, with both professional and amatuer artists.

In this five week course we will look at the basics mechanics of handling acrylics: diluting and mixing colours, layering paint using thick and thin colour, producing some basic landscape and still life imagery on watercolour and acrylic painting paper.

This course would suit those who have never painted before and want some guidance as to how to start.  It would also suit those who have painted in other mediums who are looking for some guidance to help them get the most out of using acrylics.

I believe that a teacher should be enthused by the medium they paint with. A tutors passion for a type of paint helps build the students love for the medium. At this moment in time I am mad about acrylics. After a 30 year gap – I created my final show using them at Newcastle University in 1988 –  I have re-discovered acrylics and simply adore the new high quality paints that are now on the market, transforming what I felt was an underperforming paint into a A1 product.

One of the acrylic paintings from my final show in 1988:

A recent quirky acrylic woodland painting:

‘Acrylic painting for Beginners ‘

Wednesdays from 1:30 till 3:30 pm

Costs   £68

Length of the course5 weeks

Starts  12th of September 2018

Refreshments – tea and coffee is included.
Level  – suited to those who have just a little experience of acrylic painting. Could suit both beginners and those with experience of acrylic painting.

Dates to attend: 12th, 19th, 26th September, 10th, 17th October

Please note that there is no class on the 3rd of October, becuase Jason is teaching sketching in Ravenna, Italy that week.

What will you need to bring to the first lesson?

A tube of black paint.

A tube of titanium white paint

A tube of mixing white or flake white

A water pot

A flat mixing palette – this could be a disposable palette.

A round nylon brush – size 8

A flat nylon brush – size 8

A few sheets of Kitchen roll

A few sheets of watercolour paper or acrylic painting paper – A3

A pencil, eraser and a biro.

The location
Newcastle Arts Centre offers you some of the best art studio facilities in the North East region. It also has on site an art shop, a craft shop, an art gallery, a framer and The Jazz Café to relax in and grab a coffee and bite to eat after class.

The studios are situated on the 2nd floor with lift access provided for those who have mobility issues.  The building housing the studios is accessed though the courtyard entrance. The entrance is situated below the yellow building to the right of Newcastle Arts Centre’s frontage seen  in the photograph below.

How would you get there ?
By train  – The arts centre is a short walk from the central station  – see map below
By metro – There is a metro entrance at the bottom of the street – see map below
By Bus – Bus stops are marked on the map below;

By Car – Parking outside the arts centre is limited to an hour’s stay. Long term parking can be found at the locations marked on the map below. Click the map to enlarge or move  location. Please note the O2 Academy is opposite the arts centre.

What will you need to bring to the first session ?
If you already have acrylic painting equipment. Then bring your painting gear to the first session. If you have never painted with acrylic before, then just bring a pen and paper and jason will provide the materials for the first session. He will also show you the materials he uses and help you make informed choices about the materials you buy. He will also be happy to go down to Details art store, on site, and show you the materials availlable. .

Jason will advise you each week about the materials you will need for the following session. Anyone unable to attend a lesson should contact him by email and he will advise them on the the materials or reference material needed for the following class.

Email contact

How can you book a place on the course ?
Course cost – £68
By clicking on the BUY NOW  button below and following the payment procedures you will book your place on the course.

Why not buy this workshop as a gift for friends and family ?
If you are unable to purchase the course online then please send a cheque for £68, made payable to:

Painting with Skill LTD

to…    Jason Skill, Sikehead, Woodside Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear NE403ND

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To avoid disappointment –  book early.

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