Modernistic, magical tree painting in watercolour

For a number of years Jason has experimented with illustrating trees as if they have their own magical presence. This idea stems from playing in the woods as a child, when trees could be dastardly opponents in sword fights, hiding places, rustling music makers or scary creatures contolled by witches. A tree was anything we chose it to be, as long as it fitted with the narative of our childhood games. As an artist, Jason has tried to recapture a little of this free-form use of imagination in his work, letting go of some conventional approaches to illustrating trees to include abstraction, rythmic flow of paint marks and bright colour use. He has experimented extensively with watercolour using stickers, stamps and a varied use of mixed media, to help create his own unique language of mark-making.

In this workshop, Jason will share some of his methods of blending realism with abstraction and demonstrate various unconventional methods of applying watercolour used within his work.

The aim of the session is for you to have explored new ways of seeing and illustrating trees and begin to produce a finished painting, which expresses a little of the joy you felt as a child, when you let your imagination take you wherever you wanted to go.

Location – Wylam Institute, Wylam, Northumberland

Saturday the 14th of April 2018


Time – 10:00 – 4:00 pm

Medium – watercolour

Level – suited to those with some experience of painting. Not suitable for total beginners

Workshop Cost – £35

My all-day workshops are designed to give the learner time to experiment and absorb the ideas shown and then create a painting in the same session.

During the workshop Jason will:

Provide inspirational images

Demonstrate methods of painting trees .

Discuss with you the image you intend to paint and help you plan the stages needed to make a striking watercolour.

In addition, he will paint alongside you, showing how he would work on a similar painting, taking you through the stages of its production.

Free tea and coffee are provided..


What will you need to bring ?

Your watercolour painting kit, including:



Water pots



Masking tape

Masking fluid


Drawing board.

Any tree images you would like to work from.

Jason has some photographs you can work from, but you may wish to work from your own reference.

What will you do in the workshop

10:00 Welcome – set up your kit and grab a free cup of tea or coffee

10:10 Discuss the basics of tree trunk and branches painting – demonstrative exercises. Paint in the trunks and main braches of the tree in your artwork.

10:30 Plan and apply stickers and masking fluid where required

11:00 Explore making various types of marks that will be needed within your painting that are demonstrated by Jason – flowing rythmical brushwork

12:00 Break for lunch

12:30 Add additional flowing brush marks, removing and adding stickers where required, as the image builds up in paint layers.

13:30 Explore negative painting to add further shapes within the floliage and patterns created

14:00 Tea or coffee break while paint dries

14:15 Look again at tuning the shapes within the branches to make some aspects of realism seen in the photograph become stronger in the painting.

15:45 Finish off artwork and discuss the work as a group with a cuppa

16:00 End of workshop

Please note: this is a rough guide to the days timetable only.

How can you book a place on the workshop course ?

By clicking on the BUY NOW button below and following the payment procedures you will book your place on the course.

If you are unable to purchase the course online then please send a cheque for £35 made payable to:

Painting with Skill LTD

…to Jason Skill, Sikehead, Woodside Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear NE403ND

Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. To avoid disappointment – book early.

Why not buy this workshop as a gift for a friends or family ?

Workshop cost – £35

Location of Wylam Institute ( click on map )


Is there public transport to Wylam?

Yes – There is a railway station in Wylam situated next to the River Tyne on the opposite bank to Wylam main village. The walk from the station is about a quarter of a mile.

Is there parking near to the institute?

Free parking can be found directly outside the institute and in nearby streets.


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Registered address: Sikehead, Woodside Lane, Ryton, Tyne and Wear, NE40 3ND


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