The Humpty Dumpty investigation continues…..

New evidence comes to light

One of Humpty Dumpty’s drinking buddies when questioned said ‘ He was a top bloke, always full of fun and laughter. Sure he could put them away, but I never seen him unsteady on his feet. Humpty was scared of heights, so would not have climbed up on any wall. Have you seen the height of that wall in the painting? He could never have hauled himself onto it, even if he had wanted to. Humpty was a big lad. If you ask me it’s a fake.’

Distant relative ?

Frederick John Skill (1824-1881)
Aliases: J.F. Skill
Professions: Landscape painter; Portrait painter; Illustrator; Engraver; Water colorist
According to Russell Skill who has undertaken some research on this artist….
Frederick John Skill –  Artist. Landscape, & Rustic Genre. Illustrator & Engraver. FJS studied under Cotman. He has paintings in the Royal Albert Museum and his painting commands a respectable price and come up for auction from time to time. Members of his family also did well in painting and engraving. FJS had a Son Edward who became a wood cut artist producing art for magazines, he was so talented that news paper/magazine publisher in Sweden recruited him to produce and teach the art there. He died and was buried in Sweden and was awarded a medal for his contributions to industry in that country.
Here are some examples of his work that have come up for auction:

If anyone knows anything about this artist I would love to hear from you.