My Dad made an easel with an area for my paints, brushes and water pots when I was about eight.

I loved it because it made me feel like a real artist. This was one of the first paintings I did on the new easel. One of many, bold portraits of real and imaginary villains and heroes. In my
painting of Bonnie Prince Charlie, I imagined him as a rugged, proud Scottish hero who loved the highlands and wearing a kilt. In my painting he has a full ginger beard. The  oil portaits by Louis Gabriel blanchet of Prince Charles Edward Stuart in 1739, portays the young prince at 19
looking like is will be some time before he grows a beard. In the painting above by Maurice-Quentin de la Tour, he is depicted as ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ at age 26 at the time of the rebellion in 1746. Still no sign of a beard.
Louis Gabriel Blanchet, Prince Charles Edward Stuart, 1739, oil on canvas, The Royal Collection. Royal Collection Trust / © HM Queen Elizabeth II 2017

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