'Tulips and Stars'


'Fun Flowers' 'If only we could bottle it'
'Tree of life' 'Tree of hearts '
'Stars in a vase 'Stars in a vase   -   watercolour half sheet 'Last of Summer'  -   watercolour and gouache
'Crock head'Crock head   -   digital drawing
'In need of an elastoplast'   -   coloured pencils 'Some Kids Burn Brighter' - coloured pencils
'Potty Time' -Watercolour 'The well earned cuppa' - Watercolour
'Drinkies in the garden' - Watercolour 'Fruit for the Jester' - Watercolour
'Love those flowers'- Watercolour 'Squiggle me softly'
'Humpty Dumpty' - digital drawing 'Humpty dumpty' - watercolour
'The listener' - watercolour 'Flower head'- digital drawing
'Stanley Spencers day off' - digital drawing 'Some kids burn brighter' - digital drawing
'Times up for Queeny' - digital drawing 'Jack frost' - digital drawing